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The Museum of St Helena was officially opened 21st May 2002, the quincentenary of the island's discovery, by His Excellency the Governor, David Hollamby. It was a fitting occasion to inaugurate a new museum, dedicated to the history of our wonderful island.

Since its opening, the museum has been a source of pride and interest to all St Helenians - Saints, and has provided a much needed focus for visitors to the island and. for many, has been the base for further island exploration.

History of the Museum

The Museum of St Helena is the creation of the St Helena Heritage Society, a group founded in 1979, as the result of growing public concern for the preservation of the unique natural and historical heritage of the Island. The St Helena Heritage Society were the force behind the island’s first museum that opened on 24th May 1980. The former Museum of St Helena was not without its limitation, situated within two rooms on the ground floor of Broadway House, Jamestown, it was too small for the effective display of St Helena's History and Culture. Campaign work began in 1996 for the new Museum of St Helena.

The St Helena Heritage Society continues to actively promote conservation and restoration projects and provides consult on planning matters relating to historic buildings.


The Building

The building, now housing the Museum of St Helena was once know as The Old Power House'. This Power House provide only the islands capital with electricity and was functional up until 1984.


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